Christian Bale Before They Were Celebrities

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Christian Bale Before They Were Celebrities

I think the most crucial time when I recognized Christian Bale as an actor was in the April 2000 was when the film American Psycho made its debut. I have never looked at him the same way sense.

 His birthday is January 30, 1974 He was born in Haverfordwest, United Kingdom

Here are some facts about him.

His mother was a performer in the circus as a clown.

 He stole his first kiss ever from an acrobat.

When he was 12 he had a fierce crush on drew Barrymore.

He was told it would be career suicide to take the leading role of American psycho.  

He performed all the stunts himself in batman.

The death of his good friend heath ledger crucified his spirit and had him retreat into silence. Shortly after he got in legal trouble for violence against his mom and sister however his sister lashed out at the press and let them know its family business and basically but out.

Bale loves riding motorcycles but gave up track racing after multiple accidents that left him with a multitude of injuries that required a steel plate in his wrist

A devoted animal lover, Bale owns five pets (two dogs and three cats) all of whom were strays that he found and took in.

It is said he has a fierce anger issue.

He is an avid fan of video games

Now let’s take a look through christen bales eyes and see what goes on behind the scenes and get a better understanding of who he is and how through his personality he rose to fame in today’s episode of before they were celebrities.


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