Astrology & Tarot Reading

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My mission is to lead as many people as possible back to themselves. It is to assist you in harnessing your power by giving you insight into the future and the strength to create your own Destiny.
I will do a Tarot reading for you blended with the ancient art of Astrology. Astrology will ONLY be added if you provide me with Your Date and Time of Birth as well as the birth credentials of someone you may seek to inquire about. ( time of birth is optional ) I will also need the City and Country you were born in so I have the correct time zone in the note section which will be provided for you at the time of your checkout. The note section is your magickal tool where you can write all that is weighing heavily on your heart. No detail is unimportant. The more information you provide the better so we can get straight to the meat of your situation and I can give you the peace and clarity you deserve. No one should have to suffer in silence. With me you have a voice and it will be heard. You will receive up to a 15 minute video file with a complete detailed reading to the email address you provide me with and of course I will indicate if any of the tarot cards are reversed as I talk with you throughout the reading giving you the best possible guidance and advice in regards to the situation at hand. 
If you need an answer and advice on something this reading will give you a straight forward answer.
The audio video file will be emailed to you within 7 business days of your order. 
All video files must be downloaded within 30 days. 
No Refunds 
Celebrity Witch Does Not Respond To Emails 
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While Celebrity Witch provides accurate reports during readings, she is not responsible for your use of such information and material. You are the architect of your own life. All readings, reports and information are given as guidance only. You must make your own decisions and consult the relevant professionals for professional matters such as medical, legal, financial, and psychological.